ДЕПРЕССИЯ: вся правда и мифы о биче 21 века

Hello everyone! My name is Zhenya and I’m a psychiatrist. And today I will prove to you that although you are not aware of this, Depression is a matter of universal importance and the future of all mankind will depend on how we solve this issue. And why is it like that? Because Depression is the most common mental illness in the world. And 37% of people have a chance throughout their lives to get Depression. 25% of them are women and 12% are men. And right now every tenth person is suffer from Depression. But the coolest thing is not even that. The thing is that only 25% that is only a quarter of them receive needed help. And this happenx because nobody knows what Depression is and what depression is not. Those people who suffer from depression believe that they are just stupid, untalented, lazy that they have weak power of will and they are just some fools. People who have no depression constantly spread misinformation on the Internet. for example, people who have experienced some kind of existential crisis or emotional burnout. And they write: “I had depression and I managed to get rid of it!” which leads only to this pathological situation of a boy who screamed: “Wolves, wolves!” And it only sows even more discord and uncertainty in people’s minds about Depression. But, of course, those people who are least of all familiar with the topic of Depression and they have the most doubt They are psychologists, of course. Therefore, today I’m going to tell you the genuine truth about what Depression really is and what depression is not. So, look. Normally, our state and our mood in life should be more or less balanced and preferably with a slight accent on positive mood. That is, among the emotions in our lives should prevail such as: joy, love and interest and we must have strength and energy we must feel charged with some kind of enthusiasm to solve things, questions to make our life happy, sanguine and successful. But, of course, absolutely every person in their life, from time to time, has their bad times. So what is usually considered depression? Depression is considered a long-term pathologically low mood. Long-term means more than two weeks. Low mood with the effect of longing, sadness, despair, hopelessness. Most people in life have such situations which they perceive as depression which they consider to be depression which they call depression when they feel very very bad But this condition is not really a depression. And what are these situations and events in life? These are the ones that are most often accompanied by some kind of loss, waste. And in the very first place, of course, is a breakup with a boyfriend/girlfriend or divorce or death of a someone close. This state is called mourning. During this process we feel very bad. We feel that we have such a torn open wound in the heart. It is naked and rubbish of life’s hardships and adversity falls on it constantly. Or like…At 15, I was a fan of Beatles. I read Paul McCartney’s impressions about breakup of the band. He said: “I feel not just that some piece was cut off from me like a hand, a leg, a head or half of a body. I feel that I am that piece which was torn out of someone’s body cut off and thrown out on the street. And it just rots and dies.” Yes, in the time of mourning process we feel veeeery sad, bad, we struggle a lot, we’re hopeless. We are bothered by a large number of negative thoughts. For example: “I will never be happy again”. “I will never be able to meet someone who would love me” “My life is over” “My life has no meaning” At this time, our emotions are sadness, longing, sorrow, hopelessness. Generally, on average, this state lasts about 6 months. And sometimes it can last longer. For example, after divorce from a man with whom you have lived a very long time. Or after death of some very dear person for you. About this I will have a separate video. The second situation, which is accompanied by a lowering in mood is named neurotic Depression in psychoanalysis. But in fact, of course, it is not depression, because the essence of this state is that we direct aggression on ourselves, guilt plus the undigested remaining from childhood pity and love towards parents. This is such a condition where you are being miserable all the time. And all the time chronically in life you feel sadness, you feel like crying. And you know that there is like some kind of ceiling which you cannot overcome and your life is just miserable. I already have a separate video about this too. The third condition is emotional burnout. This condition occurs due to work. When you work hard for a very very long timeю It happens very often with sportsmen, with touring artists or with doctors, or teachers when you give all your soul and strength to some work and you are very exhausted and all the resources in the body disappear. Your energy is already running out. You are going into a very dark place. And then you are lying down and you do not have strength anymore. And in your mind, your activities may seem meaningless to you. Well, for example. If a psychologist has an emotional burnout, then he can say something like this: “Psychotherapy is harmful. We take disabled people and freaks only to adapt them to the society it would be better if they just died. Psychotherapy is damaging.” Can you imagine? That is, a person is so much soaked in negative thinking, he is not aware of this and suffers a lot. The fourth situation is when we feel unhappy and it seems to us that we have depression. This is a situation of personality disorders. When some specific strategies of your character are overdeveloped and some other strategies of your character are underdeveloped. And because of this in your life there is a tough disharmony. And now I will draw for you the next picture on this topic. The funny thing is that our sensation of happiness and satisfaction in life subjectively depends on how much our life is harmonious. And they highlight 8 main areas of life which form a wheel or balance of life that you probably heard about. These are: work, family, friends, hobbies, rest, health, spirituality and self-development. And if some of our areas are strongly dominated and others are very, very underdeveloped that is, our life is disharmonious subjectively, this leads to a feeling of chronic dissatisfaction with life and a man considers himself very unhappy. Let’s look at 2 examples. First example: this is a very cool, smart, handsome guy, who is practically a genius in his work let’s say, this is a very successful programmer who lives in USA, he was invited to Silicon Valley he makes a lot of money and he is very well professionally self-fulfilled. In his work area he gets a small imbalance. And a person can set points for himself from 0 to 10 depending on how developed his area is. In his work everything is very well developed. Also, he has friends in life. He has a hobby, for example, he plays a musical instrument and collects stamps. He also remembers relaxing on weekends. Observes mental health, so he wouldnt have emotional burnout. And his health is good. He plays sports and eats properly. He also has spirituality. Spirituality is the meaning of life. This is when we have a clear existential concept about who we are, why we live, This is our subjective sense of purpose and the meaningfulness of our own stay on this planet. And he is also engaged in self-development. He travels regularly, learns foreign languages, he recently passed driving test. He is doing well but the only one thing he has no girlfriend and no close relationship at all. And look what his life is. This is how his work is developed. Spirituality, self-development, health. All is good, but because of the fact that he has a terrible failure here and disharmony. This person will assume he has depression. And he will feel himself veeeeery, very unhappy. And the second case is a woman with Dependent personality disorder (DPD) is a beautiful, young girl, who married an oligarch. Very, very rich. Not work at all. She is doing well with health. She looks after her health. Regularly visits a gynecologist, a dentist. She do yoga, pilates, stretching, goes to the gym and so on. She has some little problems with spirituality, since she absolutely does not understand the meaning of her life. She does a little self-development, for example, plays a piano. Not work at all. Her relationship with her husband is not very good, because she did not marry for love. And also they have no sex. But she has a lover. Friends are girls, who are also wives of rich husbands. If you understand what Im talking about. She has a hobby, she does charity work. Takes part in social events. All her life consists rest. Well, also posting on Instagram. So look.. This is a very rich girl, beautiful, young, successful. But she feel very unhappy. Because the circle of her life look like like this. And exactly because she has no job but at the same time she has a lot of money. She will just swell out of boredom, longing, hopelessness, decay, decomposition. And she will come to the psychotherapist and say: “Help me, I have depression” And when this person will come, he also would say “Help me, I have depression” Although, of course, they have no depression. And One more situation or even several situations. When we may have such a state we are subjectively perceive as depression. This is an existential crisis. The existential crisis usually affects the most intelligent people. Who in the beginning when were young they had some illusions and they thought they can be happy. And for example. Some guy thought : “when I will move to England and will have a good job will become the best specialist in the world – then I’ll be happy.” Or a girl, for example, thinks: “Oh, I’m fat and ugly but someday I will lose weight” “I will be the happiest when I become the most beautiful” And when she lost weight, became the most beautiful, but she realized that still she is not happy. Or someone relied on getting married and having children, for example. Maybe if you read “Confession” written by L.Tolstoy about how he went to the woods to hang himself. Imagine, a writer with huge fame. Who had many followers, wife and children who was a nobleman, who had such a strong life stance and ideology. around 50 years of his life, approximately Very successful, very rich Went to a forest to hang himself. Because he had existential crisis. And he was the one who start a fashion that existential crisis occurs, as a rule, in men. And it is believed that depression is a situation this is dysthymia in fact situations that are accompanied by low mood situations that are accompanied by all sorts of losses And in this case, we lose illusions. When we thought: it will be like this … And in fact, it did not. Also moving can be related to these situations. When we just lose the usual way of life, the usual stability our friends, our surroundings. And we can feel very very bad, sad heavy, resentment, unbearable pains too. And we don’t like any new country already. We will get used to it and we will feel bad again. So, in psychotherapy these situations are not really called depression and they are called Dysthymia. That is, “Dis” is the prefix which means disorder, and “thymia” is a mood. That is, this is mood disorder. Or, I came up with a name for it – depressulechka (small depression) So we do not confuse with real Depression. And when a person got into this state, he can stay there for a while in the beginning he may feel worse and worse, worse and worse and then he independently comes out of it and his life becomes even better than before. Why it is not depression? Because in that time a person have negative thoughts but no need to argue them. They are fully adaptive, rational and adequately reflect life. The must be negative. Because only in this case that our mind is trying to get some kind of experience, trying to somehow rethink what happened to us. break up with what we have invested our psychic energy and deal with it like with a psychological trauma and become much stronger. Thats why no need to avoid, debate them. On the contrary, you need to face them as much as possible, endure all that negative thoughts, think them. And all these negative emotions let live through. And then you will come out purified from this situation like a phoenix. But There is one category of people, who when they have such situations in life. They cannot just be in it for a while and then go out of minuses. And they are that people who then have real Depression. And they go to much deeper minuses. And here we have Average depression Aaand here we have Severe depression Let’s see what are these people, who can have developed real Depression. These are people who have a genetic predisposition. Means At the biological level they have a small number of receptors to serotonin and to dopamine It is determined biologically. How these people look like? These are introverts. These are very calm people, not aggressive. It is very important to remember too. These are people, usually, with an analytical temperament. Or they have a very developed stability. That is, they are very loyal, calm, reliable, thoughtful, sensitive people. Which tend to become attached and invest all energy into some one person. Who in life are not some kind of superficial optimistic extroverts. And who are very quiet, thoughtful and very very deep. And among personality disorders, usually this is Schizotypal disorder. These are people who are prone to depression. This all purely genetically determined. And These are the people may get into depression. But let’s see what determines the Average severity of depression or Severe depression. Severe depression is one that can even end with the death or suicide attempt, which, God forbid, may be successful. And And whether depression will go from Average to Severe or not depends on another important factor. And this is an environmental factor. Social environment. That is, person’s relatives. And how might your relatives and your close ones treat you incorrectly so that your depression become worse? These are three different forms of attitude. The first is indifference. Very often there is in a social networks something like, you know,: “Ooh, my husband… He smiled yesterday. How is it that he committed suicide?” Or half a year a person in depression. And his relatives do not notice this. They don’t tell him to go to a psychiatrist. Of course, this is largely based on the fact that we do not have this awareness. Why am I shooting this video? Because I want to fix this situation. To let everyone know what depression is. No one knows what depression is. But, in principle, no one is to blame. But, there is another important point. Indeed, people who have already decided to commit suicide, they become such invisible to others. Because, they no longer pay attention to people. They have already ceased to pin hopes on them. And they have already closed themselves from the object world and from relationships. It usually happens in a day – two before. Before they commit suicide. And even among the staff in medical institutions, they say that they become really invisible. But before that the man suffered. And from a person in depression comes a very big feeling of such a negative, almost poisonous. When they poison the air around them. And exactly because of it you want to distance yourself, not to pay attention to it. No, I don’t want to hear that life is pointless, no no don’t tell me about it. This is what provokes this indifference, the desire to close from a depressed person. The second type of inappropriate behavior is aggression. When a depressed patient begins to enrage somebody: “How long can you whine? How long can you do nothing? How long can you not brush your teeth?” “Get up, go! Here is the kick in the pants !” Of course, it is not right too, because he feel himself bad already He feels so terrible He directs his aggression inward And when it falls more from above This only aggravates his condition. And the third type of misbehavior is too much concern. This is when you are so worried about your close one in depression. That you start to treat him with hyper-care. You start to take all his doings and responsibilities. And this hyper-care Leads to the fact that he can not get out of his state of inactivity. And What I’m telling you now is called the Biopsychosocial model of Depression. This model of all mental diseases is the best in psychotherapy now. But let’s see what depression is all about. It consists of four components which involve all basic spheres of our psyche: thinking, emotions, physical reactions, and behavior. Now in the next scheme, I will show you this vicious circle of depression in more details. It is also very important to understand that this condition lasts more than two weeks. Ok. And now, let’s see directly the real depression itself. What exactly depression is? It is very important to understand that in our psyche several basic spheres: perception, thinking, emotions, physical body reactions and behavior (that is, our actions). And all these areas of the psyche in depression are infected and involved. And they create the main components of depression. And always, traditionally, it is considered that depression is primarily an emotions. That is a pathologically prolonged low mood. With the effect of sadness, sorrow, hopelessness, despondency, despair, oppression, apathy. Here I have listed all of them. But It is very important to understand that a person in depression have systematic and global distortion of thinking with a predominance of pessimistic and negative thoughts. Thinking is very important component of depression. And look, in person’s thinking prevail the negative pessimistic thoughts, which form the depressive triad: negative thoughts about yourself, negative thoughts about the world in general, and negative thoughts about the future, so-called Pessimistic Prospection. Let me give you an example now. Negative thoughts about yourself: “I’m not a talented person, I’m just mediocrity.” “I’m just the most worthless pathetic nobody of all that can be.” “I am the worst. I am a complete lack of talent. I am just a ridiculous and absurd misunderstanding.” “If it was at least funny, it would be not that bad” “But it’s not even funny.” “It’s just stupidity. Opened, arrogant, nasty, worthless farce.” “I’m just a pawn in this pathetic, ridiculous, cheap play called life, which is falling apart into pieces every day.” “I’m just a gray grain of sand, which flies from a black pipe into a black pipe of meaninglessness.” “I am lying at the bottom of a deep pit, which will soon be poured with concrete. I’m just a living corpse.” “I never really did anything in life.” “It is just stupid and wild. I consider myself so smart.” “And I think all vulgar mediocrities are much worse than me, but at least they are happy.” “They are at least happy that they don’t understand how much all our life is meaningless.” “The most terrible is that, with all this, they are loved. And nobody loves me and nobody needs me.” “Everything that I did in my life is stupid, it did not make sense.” “Better, if I’ll die quickly. But when I’ll die, they will bury me and the next day no one will remember me.” Negative thoughts about the world: “God, all people are so stupid.” “They are cruel, they just smile hypocritically and superficially to each other.” “How frivolous they are, how do they manage to forget that our life is meaningless and we all will die.” “They are so striving for success that they think they can take all their achievements, cars, houses with them to another world. Which is not exist.” “We are all imprisoned in this worthless dying planet.” “And there is no way out. We are all doomed to burn here alive.” “The third world war will soon begin here. People will start eating each other.” “All this piss in the porches, all these drug addicts, all these mothers, who first drinking their beer, and then give birth to unwanted children.” “Why was this life ever invented?” So, what other thoughts can there be? Ah, yes. “All people are just… skinned bags of bones with shit, who live in the eternal illusion of happiness, like mice run in the circle and thinking that someday they gonna be happy.” “They earn and spend money, make sex to forget about themselves and to forget a little about death.” And negative thoughts about the future. This is when a person in his perception of all possible variants of events chooses only the worst ones. For example: “When I am 40 years old, I will continue to be sick even more and I’ll die.” “I will never manage to build a good happy relationship with somebody. Nobody will love me.” “I will have a stupid mediocre cheap work.” “And then they will put me in the cheapest coffin. “And only my mom will be mourning.” “But then she will not be upset, and then nobody will not remember me at all.” “Everything is so horrible in our country.” “All people are poor slaves over which the government constantly mocks.” “Soon there will be a third world war. Ecology is constantly deteriorating.” “Soon there will be no normal clean water, which we could not drink anymore.” “There is no normal air. Soon we will all die.” “Soon we all could be walking in gas masks.” “Around only dust dirt ashes. Fertility, decay.” “How I hate people!” The most interesting nuance here is this: when people who are have depression think all their negative thoughts, They are completely unaware of the fact that it is a syndrome of depression. They think that it is exactly who they are. That their thoughts are manifestations of their own individuality, own identity. And so they equate this depression with themselves. They think that depression is “I am”. That is, they refer to these thoughts without criticism.They are fully confident in their validity. And the fact that these thoughts fully adequately reflect the real state of things. Thus, they do not doubt in their veracity, reliability, adequacy. They believe in them almost 100%. That is, it means that they do not understand that this is a symptom of depression and relate to this without criticism. And in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy this is called a “Black glasses” filter. When they look through their black glasses at the whole world around them. And Very often..well, I told you about situations which are not depression. In them people may also have negative thoughts. For example: “Life not make sense. No one else will ever love me. I will never be happy anymore.Why did I move to this terrible country? This country is disgusting.” “Here people only cynically use each other.” “My favorite, lost, paradise homeland is way better!” And so on. But And even in situations in which there is no depression (depressulechka) , there are negative emotions too. But depression and non-depression are very different from each other 2 components: physical reactions and behavior. At the level of physical reactions, a person who has depression feels that all the energy sucked from him. That he just lies like a whip, that he has no strength. He has no energy at all. And he constantly feels that he cannot do anything at all. The only thing he has the strength to do is to lie in bed and indulge in decay. They can not even comb their hair, brush their teeth, come to prepare themselves something to eat. They can only sit and smoke all day as much as possible and look at one point. This is very well reflected in the songs in which they sing:”Lied down” , “Like a whip” and so on. That is, the person feels completely banged up, weak, sleepy. Permanent chronic fatigue. No strength to do at least something, even go to work. And this component of physical reactions leads naturally to the fact that at the level of actions, the behavior of a person .. What happens? First, it is a complete rejection of any activity. When a person can do nothing at all. He doesn’t even have the strength to go to a psychiatrist. He doesn’t even have the strength to open Google, type there: The Beck Depression Test developed by Dr. Aaron T. Beck. And pass this test. The very important symptom is the loss of activity. That is, when a person can only lie in a bed, go to shower from time to time. But because he has absolutely no energy, he can not get himself out of this state by the hair. The only thing that these people resort to is addictions, that is, they start because they feel bad, that they have no energy, they simply can not live in the world, they feel so much bad. They want so much to distract themselves from these negative thoughts. From these negative thoughts and experiences, they intuitively understand that they need to somehow increase their levels of dopamine, serotonin and hormones of happiness in the brain. And because of it they start to play in video games, watch porn, drink alcohol, take drugs. And for a short time, it increases their level of dopamine and serotonin in the brain. But only in the short perspective.Because all addictions contribute to the fact that these stocks of our positive neurotransmitters are only further depleted in the long term. Therefore, an addiction is an attempt of a person to help himself in some way. In the short perspective, it really gets easier, but in the long perspective it only closes this vicious circle of depression. Contributing to the fact that this state is only preserved. The tragedy, pain and sadness lies in the fact that people in this depression do not understand this. And they think that they are just lazy, stupid, and untalented, that they have no power of will. It is because of the fact that those people who do not have depression cannot understand this. They discriminate them and say: “yes, you’re just stupid, you’re just dumb, here is kick in the ass!” “Get up, go and do something!” But he can not do, because he has all mediator resources completely depleted. People who do not have depression have that much receptors in the brain. The receptors to neurotransmitters: dopamine and serotonin. And people with depression have that much and they are more vulnerable. Ok, I tried to build the line of my speech in such way that the conclusions would follow in a logical way from everything that I had said before. So, what we have? The very first thing we need to understand. People, if you do not have depression, and you have only Dysthymia or depressulechka in life. Or, in psychotherapy, this condition can be called Mild depression. The key word here is “Mild”. So don’t think that you are so smart, funny, beautiful and talented, naughty and very, very super cool. It’s just mean that you are lucky and you have little more receptors for serotonin and dopamine in your brain, and this is not your merit at all. And therefore, how you would not even try hard, you can never understand what the real depression is. But you need to treat people in depression with respect. And if you are a person who has a real Depression, then criticize it and do not think that your negative thoughts are so unique, so cool and this is a manifestation of your sensitive, vulnerable and unique soul. This is just a symptom of depression, which is a mental component. But do not think that your physical or behavioral components of depression are laziness, lack of power of will or an indicator of your badness. You can work with each component of depression. And in the next video, I will show you how we can influence biological factors. How can we influence on social factors. And I will have a separate video for relatives and close people who are relatives of the depressed ones. Yes, one more social factor of depression is generally loneliness. That is, when we have no close people at all, then the Average depression quickly, of course, becomes Severe and ends with death. Especially here. This factor plays a critical role. Yes, so. In our world there are situations happening when a fed man find it difficult to understand a starving one. Those people who have no depression, shouting: “I have depression! I have depression!” And those people who have depression say: “I am just lazy and stupid. I am a such a dork. I must die soon.” Of course, here is a need to change it. Second thing. People who are depressed when they leave it. They do not immediately fall into a normal state. They go into the level of Dysthymia. Therefore, even after you influence on your biological and social components of depression, on your thoughts. Check their authenticity, adaptability in practice by doing cognitive restructuring. You will plan your activities, start doing meditation and the level of negativity of your thinking will decrease. You will still need to do additional work on eliminating these factors in order to get out to normal. That is, it is double hard for you. The next very important thing that I have to say. It is usually always when a person finds out that he is classified to a risk category for depression and he is depressive. Everyone is very upset, scared, they start to worry. And they say: “Damn, why am I like that? Why am I not normal? Why doesn’t everyone have depression and I have it?” “So what now, its for life? Am I a sick, invalid and a freak? Do I have to drink anti-depressants all my life now?” “Why did this tragedy fall on my head? I don’t want to be worse than others.” And just for you now, I will say. You are by no means no worse than others. You are not an invalid. You are no more sick. You are no more wrong than others. What does it depend on? And why did it happen that in general you have few of these notorious receptors? This happened our humanity is living very much wrong now. This is due to the fact that your ancestors were exactly the same normal as you. And they simply lived more in those conditions, in the environment where there were more sun, sea, fruit and berries, physical activity. And you are just people who live here in the Central Russia or in this terrible polluted environment. But you were created precisely in order to live in more favorable conditions and in a more favorable environment. It is because of the fact that it is impossible to do, you have to correct unfortunately. At least due to the fact that we have your lifestyle in such a way that you would feel better. But in all the most important thing I want to say. Depressive people, why you are no worse than others? Because already in psychotherapy it is proved that depressed thinking, depressive people more realistically perceive the world. If you don’t want to get in depression right now, turn off this video. And those who are strong and tolerant, that’s what I will say. After all, the most important cool thing is, in fact, that life is meaningless. The whole world is absurd. And nothing makes sense. And death is really a liberation. But in essence, death is exactly the same farce as life. And all of humanity is ridiculous and stupid, talentless, brainless puppies, who just live in the illusion that life makes sense. They try to deceive themselves and pretend that life can be happy. And all this silly, unsophisticated non-systematic activity, all this poking, it is really aimed to forget for at least 15 minutes or seconds that life is a ridiculous farce. And we are just too much afraid of death. And we are just too afraid to understand that life is meaningless. And yes, all people are skinned bags of bones and shit that are rotting alive. But the point is not to ignore it. And depressed people are very smart and very well, clearly and subtly understanding everything. Understand better than anyone else what is really happening. And the point of treating depression is not to replace black glasses with pink ones. But to reduce the level of depression of your thinking. To a such point that the whole realistic perception of life remains, and the surplus of this negative, which is already prevents you from adapting to life gone. That is, I do not urge you to be super cheerful optimists. I really respect depressed thinking. I bow to it. And I sincerely, absolutely honestly believe that we all, all of humanity, should listen to people in depression. Because exactly depressed and anxious people are the very sensitive indicators of the fact that all of humanity is going somewhere in a wrong direction. It is you who we must all listen to. And we must do exactly the way how you will say. But for your ability to talk you need to put yourself in a such state from which your words will already sound very clear and loud enough. So we can listen to them. Yes, it happened. Not lucky. You have a tendency to depression. But if you already have it. And you still living. And death is not soooon. It makes no sense to revel, killing yourself, suffer and spend time in this depression all life. Just realize that you have depression. Put yourself in one. Bring yourself in more or less good condition. And talk. And we will listen to you. Hope you are agree. I give you a helping hand. Yes, and also I have a bonus. Funny thing. Today I told you about minuses, breakdown and depression. And the same can be done in the other direction with anxiety. Look, with anxiety, exactly the same situation. Those events that cause us stress. For example: speech in public, moving to another place, wedding and something else, illness of a close relative or you found out you have cancer. In short, stressful events. Someone may have anxiety cause of it. But, again, if you have a genetic propensity to it. Which also lies in a small number of receptors in the brain to dopamine and serotonin. So you can already get into anxiety diseases. Panic attacks, generalized anxiety disorders, agoraphobia and all sorts of phobias. In the next video I’ll tell you how to treat depression. Antidepressant, family help, cognitive restructuring, meditation, activity planning. And at the exit to dysthymia: the harmonization of life, giving it meaning, experiencing mental traumas, which contributed to the entry into depression. Await. Subscribe to my channel. Put likes. Leave comments. And wait for my new astonishing videos with the flip chart. Bye everyone! You will wake up and understand, you will die, you will die. No matter how good you are. You will die. You will die. Here is the fork, and here is the knife. You will die. You will die. No matter how good you are. You will die. You will die.

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    Счастье в нашей, да и не только в нашей, культуре взято за эталон человеческого бытия, а раз так, то насколько правильным будет то, что счастливым миром управляет депрессия? Меня это, признаться честно, пошатнуло.Да и вообще, насколько правильно, что людей с депрессией используют как коней в упряжке?

    Просьба меня за первое предложение не бить, я понимаю, что это слишком громкое высказывание.

  2. Вы описали человека в депрессии, как полностью пассивного и подавленного человека. А могут ли перечисленные симптомы депрессии дополняться вспышками ярости и гнева? Например, ходит человек и неделю находится в подавленном состоянии, а раз в неделю кричит на окружающих.

  3. Умница! Женя, вы – одна из самых нормальных, начитанных представителей этой мерзкой профессии 🙂 Вдохновилась!

  4. Ты мой любимый психолог твои видео повышает мое настроение

  5. Да все знают что жизнь, они, другие люди, будущее и мир в целом печально и бессмысленно, знают об этом, но не думают на постоянной основе

  6. Вы даже не представляете, как сильно ваше видио помогло мне разобраться в себе, спасибо.

  7. все было хорошо понятно и вроде норм, до 40 минут… Евгения, объясни пожалуйста тогда, зачем депрессивному человеку вообще тогда находить способ "смягчить" негативный настрой и т.п ,если жизнь, как ты говоришь, бессмысленная и надо слушать депрессивных людей? Я не понимаю тогда в своем депрессивном положении ЧО ДЕЛАТЬ???? И зачем говорить депрессивным людям о том как все обстоит в мире и в какой ЖОПУ он катится, если тем людям, которые живут не в депрессии итак нормально? Депрессивный человек же, даже выйдя их этого болота с новыми мыслями о реальности и положении вещей лишь скатится обратно или заразит других этим депрессивным состоянием, объясни пожулайста, я не поняла этот момент , заранее спасибо! И видео чудесное и толковое, не смотря на концовку .

  8. люблю переезды. на одном месте держаться трудно, а чем больше переездов, тем больше друзей по всему миру

  9. у меня почти ничего не развито(

    сижу весь день смотрю видосики и играю в доту….. дизгармония пиздец…. У кого то в этой жизни есть полный круг? это нереально

  10. Евгения, спасибо вам огромное! вы единственный психолог на ютубе, кого я могу слушать)

  11. Вот что ни видео – везде узнаю себя. Вам не нужен пациент с полным комплексом проблем для практики? 😀

  12. Евгения понимаю банально но не могла бы снять видео о том какого и как учиться в меде(я 1 курс). Я обожаю этот канал. И ты очень классная. И еще я бы про ОКР хотел. Можно?

  13. А я бы послушал про связку алкоголизм+депрессия или алкоголизм+БАР. Донат обещаю)
    Уже не знал что делать. На 3-м месяце а последний раз и на 8-м уходил в глубочайший минус всего за пару часов, на этом фоне терял здравомыслие и срывался ибо выход один. Сейчас вся надежда на то что дулоксетин предупредит это состояние.

  14. Т.е. невозможно иметь одновременно депрессию и тревожное/паническое расстройство?

  15. Речь мирового масштаба. Но это не сделает вас счастливей. Так ведь? Гармония – связь всего со всем.

  16. Объяснение причин возникновения депрессии в конце видео конечно дичь полная, ибо развитие депрессии вообще мало зависит от места жительства, солнца, моря и фруктов, это все скорее может повлиять на настроение на каком-то поверхностном уровне, но не на развитие психотических расстройств. Очень странно слышать такие нелепые вещи от как-бы специалиста…

  17. Евгения!Какая же вы талантливая и восхитительная!Такая необычная и сногсшибательная подача материала!Спасибо большое !

  18. Блин, я думала, если меня интересуют алкоголь и компьютерные игры, у меня есть шанс на то, что это не депрессия. А вот оно как. Это не может быть интересом, это еще хуже

  19. Вот интересно, если духовность на 0, хобби на 0, саморазвитие, работа, семья, друзья, здоровье почти на нуле, а отдых на 10 из 10, то это еще хуже? Или плохо только тогда, когда в одном чем-то проблемы?

  20. Евгения, объясните пожалуйста,Может ли наступать депрессия у женщин в период пмс или климакса?автоматически, из-за гормонального фона?

  21. Я отношу себя, именно к тем людям склонным к депрессии, я интроверт, очень глубокий, осознанный и умный человек, и недавно задавала себе вопрос, ведь все о чем я думаю все какое-то "депрессивное ". Спасибо, Женечка за поддержку, таких как нас надо слушать, мы говорим реальные вещи, хоть какими они не казались со стороны.

  22. Про круги согласна, но
    Не все депрессивные люди полностью абстрагируются от мира. Не все депрессивные люди думают такие ужасные и пессимистичные и философские мысли. Некоторым депрессивным людям плевать на то, насколько хорошо другим, им плохо, и над этим они сосредоточены. А когда человек не привык показывать на своём лице то, что годами разрушает его изнутри, и при этом ему говорят: « Да у тебя не депрессия, не нужно говорить, что у тебя депрессия, ты этим не уважаешь людей, у которых реальные проблемы»- всё становится только хуже. Для каждого его эмоции- это самое главное, будь то человек с апатией, депрессией или просто «депрессулькой». Я считаю неправильным обесценивать чьи-то чувства, к человеку с каждым видом эмоциональных расстройств нужно относиться хоть капельку с уважением, и, если того хочет он сам, ему помочь.

  23. Чёрт, у меня не было депрессии, пока не услышала про "кожаный мешок с костями и говном"?

  24. Евгения, вы очень красивая, эрудированная дама. Вас приятно слушать. Но черт побери, Вас смотрят психически не уравновешенные люди, пожалуйста сделайте Вашу прическу симметричной! Это не выносимо!

  25. Чет нихрена не понял, но казалось что депрессия это когда тебя ничего не интересует, ты тупо вообще хз что где как, в итоге идешь на суицид

  26. 18 лет, угнетенное состояние, иногда от кофеина чувствую прилив сил, более позитивное мышление. Сложно существовать когда со временем понимаешь что человек не отличаеться от муравья, все регулируется нервами, нейронами, прочей лабудой, потеря индивидуальности. ощущаей себя рыбой в забытом аквариуме, начал читать философию и понимаешь что это вечные проблемы, ты не один и об этом все думают всю жизнь, и кажеться выхода нет, заложник рефлексии о смысле, устал от человеческого мира, от всей этой илюзии и фальши, понимаешь что лучшие времена врятли настанут, это было всегда, я даже не могу вбить себе позитивное мышление в голову, не могу притворяться, ведь не глупый, вижу все это. В голове пустота, о чем думать в этом лабиринте, мне хватает сил чтобы улыбаться на парах в колледже, я стараюсь чтобы люди видя меня счастливым копировали это, но приходя домой я опять погружаюсь в раздумия. если отвлечься от этого, то будет ли существовать мой разум, делая автоматизированные действия, а толку то?,самое печальное что я не знаю что делать, меня научили искать смысл, а смысл губит меня, почему все эти рационалисты убили все желания, с детства заставлял задавать себе вопрос для каждой вещи -в чем смысл? как буд-то само понятие смысла существует в природе, а не выдуманная человеком категория. Я не могу без удивления воспринимать окружающий мир, все давно все поняли? все так фантастично наяву, что никакие фильмы не нужны

  27. окей. на тяжелой депрессии описала меня и состояние людей вокруг. но скорее всего это просто перехходный возраст. не думаю, что все настолько запущено

  28. Помогли таблетки избавиться от депры. Но,боюсь, что скоро может заново начаться. И как уйти из этого состояния в нормальное? Хех

  29. 25:00 Евгения увлеклась…. Надо на бит положить нормальный рэп получится)

  30. Здравствуйте, Женечка. ВЫ-невероятная умница!!!!! У меня депрессия ср. ст. уже несколько лет.Сын -наркоман, больные родители, которых приходится смотреть; в силу такого состояния : не складывающиеся личные отношения, но я буквально стараюсь тянуть себя за волосы (конечно же с помощью антидепрессантов, т.к.уровень серотонина в два раза ниже нормы),потому что не хочу помирать раньше времени)).Несмотря на все это, я оказывается крепкая и толерантная, и досмотрела ролик до конца.Женя, по поводу смысла и бессмысленности просто бомба!!! А если кто-то не согласен, прочтите Библию от корки до корки,особенно последнюю ее книгу"Откровение"(или Апокалипсис).И тогда у всего человечества в мозгу все по полочкам разложится. Респект, Женечка! Успеха в работе и новых открытий!!

  31. Стрессом (депрессией) является эффект воздействия на личность/личностность, посредством которой человек становит себя в обществе, к которому он желает относиться как его полноправный член (участник), сопровождающийся ощущением подавленности – поэтому не имеющий личности/личностности перед обществом – имеет личность/личностность перед Творцом соответственно отсутствию личности/личностности перед обществом – и не подвергается стрессу (депрессии)

  32. Скажите а вот когда много пьют это тоже из за нехватки серотонина? А если это наследственный алкоголизм?

  33. Здравствуйте! Спасибо Евгения очень нужная и полезная информация. Сделала тест Аарона Бека, результат У Вас выраженная депрессия (средней тяжести).
    Когнитивно-аффективная субшкала (C-A)17 из 39 баллов
    Cубшкала соматических проявлений депрессии (S-P) 5 из 24 баллов
    Не знаю стоит ли доверять этому тесту

  34. Кажется что у меня депрессия……..а мне всего 15…… даже и не собираюсь доживать до старости…..всё равно сдохну…..так какая разница сдохну сейчас или потом…….

  35. надо было все-таки выключить видео после предупреждения…

  36. Это ужасно субъективная вещь: все эти примеры. Разговоры про депресснявочки тоже, по факту, обесценивание чьих-то чувств.
    У многих очень нестабильная психика, даже без каких-либо заболеваний, просто не нестабильная, но ментально здоровая. На самом деле, любое минусовое настроение — это саморазрушение.
    Есть депрессия на биологическом уровне, да, никто не спорт, но это не значит, что у человека грусняффку надо на самотёк пускать. Потому что иначе будет крайне весёлая сценка.
    Человек: страдает от потери человека/кризиса личности/дисбаланса в жизни
    Кто-то: ой, пройдёт, это лёгкая депрессия
    Человек: застрелился
    Кто-то: ой, это лёгкая депрессия, пройдёт

  37. Как помочь людям, у которых депрессия? Как их направить на то, чтобы избавиться от негативных мыслей? Есть ли у вас об этом видео на канале? Ответьте, пожалуйста.

  38. Ммм, моя депрессулечка. Как же я её люблю. Мы с ней и депрессию победили, и живем сейчас в мире и согласии.
    Я даже отчасти рад, что у меня была депрессия 2 года назад.

  39. У меня не было депрессии (надеюсь, не будет), но какая же жиза
    Очень круто, что вы просвещаете людей, большое спасибо!

  40. Женя , здравствуйте. Пожалуйста снимите видео о том , когда прожил с другим много лет и развёлся . Помогите . Сколько мне ещё ? Что делать ? Как себя победить? Три года уже прошло . 23 брака. Знаем друг друга с детства .

  41. Посмотрела Ваше видео и поняла, что есть большая проблема. Спасибо Вам.
    P.S. Не так часто я плачу от чьих-то слов, но сейчас под конец видио меня пробило. Вы потрясающий человек.

  42. Евгения, топ! ) Вы меня вылечили после травмирующего психоанализа! Рахмет из Астаны (Казахстан). И просто через видео – я даже вам ни копейки не заплатил хД
    P.S. Как начну зарабатывать любимым делом – обязательно задоначу сколько смогу и захочу ))

  43. А у меня рецепторов много и поэтому на счет бессмысленности жизни я не согласен. Смыслы как без смыслы, присущи нашему мышлению, которое является ИЗДЕЛИЕМ вселенной а не нечто истинное. Это психотелесные муляжи, которыми нужно пользоваться и которых нельзя принимать всерьез. Быть духовным не быть душевным.

  44. А что если я действительно говно и мир говно и всё говно,а не депрессия?

  45. то чувство, когда даже круг этот не сможешь нормально заполнить, потому что не в состоянии трезво оценить, насколько у тебя все плохо

  46. Genial'no!!! Spasibo!!! Depressija – eto plavnyj prozess transfotmazii is gusenizy v babocku. Bes neje nikak. (Nisheta lecitsja tol'ko smert'ju:)))

  47. На моменте про примеры негативных мыслей подумалось, а можно ли вогнать себя в депрессию, если намеренно начать рассуждать подобным образом? ??

  48. Сидите и смотрите на свою депрессию, что за этой женщиной в черном стоит.

  49. как хорошо что мне удается настроить себя на нормальный настрой даже когда в жизни в очередной раз все плохо

  50. Мне кажеться всегда надо искать смысл жизни,и тогда не будет жопских мыслей.

  51. Ужасно, когда у тебя справка, что у тебя панические атаки и депрессия, но, конечно же, все говорят "Да ну? Депрессия? Пфф, ребёнок. ".

  52. Вообще эмоциональное выгорание – это совершенно обычное состояние. Это не болезнь.
    И действительно, эволюция сделала всё, чтобы мы, больные, сдохли. Мысль была правильная озвучена.

  53. 24:45 вы очень точно описали мысли подобного рода. Будто бы из головы вытаскиваете и глаголите. Не думаю, что у меня депрессия, но я часто подавлен и думаю именно об этих вещах. Вы очень точно описали это мировоззрение, Евгения

  54. Эх, у меня с духовностью и работой полная жопа( Но мужа-олигарха нет 😀
    Мысли о себе, о мире, о будущем – прям слово в слово как у меня… Ну ничего, я уже хожу к психотерапевту и принимаю препараты)
    Вы такая классная <3
    Что-то я ближе к концу разревелась)

  55. Я первый раз вижу человека, который сказал "уважайте тех, кто в депрессии"

  56. Смотрела видео и рыдала( я в процессе лечения уже почти год, но как-то не двигается пока. Спасибо, что просвещает людей, я как раз потеряла всех казалось бы близких людей из-за агрессивного настроя к моему "настроению". Нооо песенка в конце улыбнула, за это огромное спасибо)

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