Overcoming Depression and Suicide – My Biggest Battle

what up guys welcome back to the fit men cook kitchen I’m just gonna dive right into today’s video because I’ll tell you what this video has been in the works for quite some time it’s in response to a video that I did recently on my Instagram story and it was about me helping out a friend who was…

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Potential Malignant Narcissism and Psychosis: Onision.

People’s made videos about me and its fucking humiliating cause they’re all over the place and I dont know what to do about it Oh my God Why do you do that? Wow, you would really do that- you would really do that!? Love me This is a video about a potentially disturbed man Gregory Jackson, widely known on the…

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What is the lorazepam challenge in catatonia?

Do you know what the lorazepam challenge for catatonia is? Hi! I’m Dr. Jessica Diaz from Psychopharmacology Institute. The lorazepam challenge is a way to determine the likelihood of a catatonia diagnosis. The recommended dose is 2mg IV lorazepam. Intrigued? To know more about the psychopharmacology of catatonia and earn CME credits, check our website.

TN CPRS: Helen Blake

My name is Helen Blake. I am a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist. I had no knowledge of mental illness, and my family didn’t understand what I was struggling with. Therefore, I didn’t either. So a peer, a friend of the family who actually suffered with mental illness herself, symptoms of mental illness approached my family, and that opened our eyes.…

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